it is no longer approximately The cash?

The most current instance of this is DeMarco Murray who become drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and performed four season with them.

The original agreement that he signed as a rookie turned into at its cease. whilst this occurs the player is eligible free of charge agency in which any group can offer him a new contract in hopes of getting that participant.

The Philadelphia Eagles presented eight million in line with yr and the Cowboys offered 6 million in keeping with yr to live with them. could loyalty to the group that drafted him out of university and gave him a hazard to play in the NFL along with familiarity with players, coaches, group of workers, and the city wherein he lives win out?

Nope, he prevalent the Eagles provide.

whilst he changed into interviewed by means of the media he was quoted as saying evenly "it's now not about the cash" as such a lot of athletes in his position as soon as the ink dries and that wealthy new contract.

it is now not approximately the money?

in which he loses his credibility with me is while mentions the motive he signed with the Eagles become because he desired to win a championship.

simply DeMarco?

allow me get this straight, you simply left a crew that made it to the second round of the playoffs and won their department. in addition they have the satisfactory offensive line which opens large holes on the way to run through.

So for his statement to make experience he have to be going to a good better team than the Cowboys if he desires to win a championship proper?


he is leaving to visit a group that didn't even make the playoffs and had one of the worst offensive strains in football. A horrific offensive line manner no longer very many holes for a strolling lower back to run through not to say a shortened career due to the fact he may be taking lots more hits.

but good day "it's not about the money" proper?

C'mon DeMarco allow's hold it real.

To be fair it is now not just him... with most excessive profile athletes it's about ego and the honor they feel they get when they may be offered extra cash and this leads to one of the most important ego boosters; status amongst peers. Why else might someone leave the near friends they have got bonded with for the past 4 years, the familiarity with coaches, no longer to mention the trouble worried in uprooting their family to another kingdom.

Technically it is able to approximately the cash (The actual paper it's written on) however it's miles ALL about what money represents and that's quality, permit's no longer fake that it's no longer; just be sincere and maintain it real. as an alternative of getting to look at the media interview an athlete calm, cool, and collectively say it's no longer about the cash just deliver it to us straight, appearance the reporter in the eye say what Jerry McGuire famously said "show me the money!"